In the midst of bustling Central Hong Kong, Venédia epitomises the magical aesthetics of a grancaffè with elegance and eclectic lingo. Cherry-picked Venetian artisans custom-made the white marble terrazzo flooring and hand blown the two turquoise Murano glass chandeliers embellishing the scene. The velvet banquettes, luxurious Poltrona Frau leather chairs and baroque-inspired paneling, wrap the venue in warm purple hues. The result is a space, grand yet intimate, that captures the soul and grace of Venice.

Revel in the old-world charm as you clamour for a cup of espresso and artisan pastries; enjoy our all-day dining menu featuring authentic and wholesome Italian fare, or sweeten the day up with homemade gelato and desserts, amidst the beautifully timeless décor of Venédia, with the sound of nostalgic tunes and scent of coffee bracing the air.


Our Chefs

Chef Roland Schuller

Chef Roland Schuller is known for his honest and heartful, fine and flavoursome cooking. His flair and interpretation of Italian culinary traditions has always received praise and recognitions, including the Italian Cuisine Worldwide Award, for his outstanding contribution to the spread and preservation of Italian food to the world.

Chef Bjoern Alexander

From his native Germany, to Dubai, US, Japan and Hong Kong, chef Bjoern Alexander has been drawing inspiration from various flavours, techniques and masters to shape his own culinary signature. With his intuitive and unconventional approach, he brings a bold and modern edge to authentic Italian cuisine.

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